How to do a fail-save attack?

Posted by Akku on Jun-26-2009

This just came up in our forums. I have a fail-safe methode of calculating an attack, it (of course) involves the use of utopiatemples Utopia Angel - so make sure you have the latest version installed.

Step one: make sure you’ve got accurate data. Select All + Copy your kd-page to let Angel know your exact data. Get a fresh CB from your target (fresh means: remeber the hour change!). Select the page and copy - Angel now knows the exact data from your target. Then, get a SoM of your target. Make sure the army is still out when you attack. If you use a SoM from Pimp or from forums, that data most likely won’t fit exactly to your fresh CB and Angel won’t include it correctly - in that case you can assume, that the SoM gives you the correct percentages of the troops out. So calculate how many % of elites are out (using a calculator), then you can calculate how many elites are out with your fresh CB.

Step two: How much will you send? Your own data and the data of your target is correctly calculated. Angel shows you how big the chance of success on an attack is, so try out numbers. If you send more than 4%, Angel says you’ll be successful, but I often experienced a fail when I sent under 7% more. There is some random number involved, but oversending 7% gave me no unexpected failed attacks, so I recommend that number.

Step Three: What else can get in the way? If someone attacked your target in between, his defense may be higher now due to GB-protection (yes, that did happen to me multiple times!). If an hour-change occurred, your target might have trained troops, so check your SoM for that. Then take a look on the targets kd-page: if its online, its possible that you took a CB and he casted minor protection after that … but there’s not much you can do in that case. Then your target might have got soldiers sent, but that didn’t happen to me so far. Last thing that often comes between you and a good attack: typing of numbers often got wrong … remeber to check every value (including generals) double.

Step Two Again: What if you have incorrect data? If you have incorrect data, maybe because you need to use an older CB in Pimp, you can never be sure. Only one thing can help you: get fresh intel or just oversend a lot. You don’t loose too many troops on your attack if you send too much, and every attack you get because you sent out too many elites will not hit one of your fellow kd-mates.

Just to make that clear: If you calc in from an old attack done, remeber that the target does not only loose troops from an atack but also raises on the GB-protection-meter. Each level of that raises his defense and gives you lower gains. Therefore, when calcing from an old attack in the forums, I always add some more %s as you can never know. And nothing is more wasted than a missed attack :-)

How to Calculate Ambush with Angel

Posted by Akku on Mar-12-2009
Casio fx-85WA CalculatorImage via Wikipedia

There are clear rules for making an ambush:


Can be conducted against a province that has recently captured land from you. Strike an opponent’s army away from home and recaptures 50% of the land stolen from you. Because of its surprise nature, no offensive or defensive modifiers are considered - only raw military strength - and the defense will fight at 80% of its normal capacity. Specialists in the opposing army will defend with their normal offensive strength. A province attacking anonymously or using War Spoils cannot be ambushed, and an army can only be ambushed once.

If you want to use Angel, you can modify the values in the military calculator by hand to have a correct calculation of the attack force needed to make a successful ambush. You should get a CB and a pretty accurate SoM (using like 50 thieves), so you know exactly, how much offense you have against you. First Copy your Throne-page, then copy the target CB for Angel to get the numbers. Then, look at the SoM to figure out, how strong the enemy offense was.

Put in the enemy offspecs from the attack in the defspec-number of the defending party in the military calculator. Then adjust the elite value, so it has the number of elites used on the attack against you. Then you need to adjust the offensive and defensive military efficiency. Delete the number on your side and put in 100.00, then delete the number on the enemy side and put in 80.00.

Now you’re ready to go to calculate how much troops to send to make a sucessful ambush. If you’re making multiple ambushes, the first aims at the last attack of your enemy, the second on the attack before that and so on. Remeber that warriors give half the gains and that orcs are generally very easy to ambush since they have a very low defensive value for their elite.

Backstab Strat

Posted by Akku on Nov-10-2008

So what is that backstab strat? Its called this way as a guy called backstab posted this strat the first time in some utopia forums. Its about not building all buildings you want for your growth phase right on, but first building some mills, so your other buildings and the exploration won’t take away so much money and you have more left when it comes to training your troops. This is a typical backstab strat based starting strategy, no matter which race or personality you are:

- Set your draftrate on 55%. Set your science research on minimum. You should use your first points of sciences to the fields alchemy and tools, later housing too. DON’T TRAIN TROOPS! (important!)

- Slowbuild 20% - 25% mills. The more you want to explore, the more mills you should get. If you slow- or speedbuild after your mills are there is not very important, as the cost is pretty low, but those 6 hours won’t get you more money in than the double building cost costs you still. So: just do as you feel.

- When those are ready, build your startup-strat. This might include enough farms to have enough food with your aimed explored size; and a whole lotta banks. Some few guilds and towers won’t harm too, but its mainly banks this time.

- After building, explore.

- When explored land comes in, build on it as fast as you can. You’ll need arms before training your army, so build some. Be sure all arms you build are ready when you’re beginning to train your troops (24-19 hours before oop).

- About 24-19 hours before you come out of protection, you begin to train troops. From then on, you might want to add some stables if you plan to attack anytime soon, or you might want to get some guilds online to train some more wizzies. You could raise your science investment now.

Planned changes for next age

Posted by Akku on Nov-5-2008


* Raise book production by 0.1 per hour for all levels below Intensive
* Lower costs across the board, mainly at lower levels
* Raise science modifiers for underused categories: Food, Military and Channeling


Nice changes here. Everything fine.


* No mana penalty
* 6/3 elite at 5.25 NW and 800 gc

* 30% Magic Effectiveness (from DE)
* 50% wage discount (new)
* 6/5 elite at 5.5 NW and 750 gc
* Fog spell

* No stealth penalty
* -30% thievery effectiveness
* 7/4 elite at 6.75 NW and 1000 gc

* +40% science cost (from +25%)
* Normal wages (from -50%)
* 8/2 elite at 6.75 NW and 800 gc

* +35% thievery effectiveness (from +50%)
* 5/4 elite at 4.5 NW and 250 gc

Dark Elf
* +30% Spell Strength (from Elves)
* 5/6 elite at 6.5 NW and 850 gc


Catastophic changes all the way. PLEASE look at the “the world”-entry in the utopia-menu to see which races are good and which are not. I had the feeling the races were pretty balanced the last two ages. Dwarf needs an upgrade. BUT GIVING elves fog will let you have 80% elves next age. Elf is strong anyways, he needs no super-boost. Just help those dwarves a bit, perhaps humans or orcs too and change the elites to be more offensive - thats enough change.


* Armouries changed to give x2 draft discount (from 1.5)
* Towers changed to produce 12 runes (from 10)

* Homes improve birth rates by x4 (from x3)


Everything nice. Good changes. (More runes helps elves too, btw.)


* Sage gets 0.5 books per acre per hour and -50% science losses

* Warrior - 15% Attack time

* War Hero gets +25% enemy casualties

Review: Why boosting sage even more? He’s the strongest in raw power anyways. Weakening Warrior and boosting War Hero is fine.