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Posted by Akku on May-7-2008

This page is made to post strategy articles and thoughts about utopia, that usually would be deleted after sometime in the ingame utopian forums. The Utopia Watchtower was a blog with this focus too, but it closed April 2006.

Here you find a pretty good blog article about what utopia is.

The acrticles that will be posted here will include themes like these:

  • What is a backstab-strat?
  • Which race-personality-combo is the best for this age?
  • How much activity is needed?
  • How can you raise activity in your kingdom?
  • How to use Utopia Angel, Utopiapimp and what features can you use from Utopiatemple?
  • What is a war finder?
  • What to tell new players?
  • How to learn the game best?
  • Which buildings should you use?
  • What draft rate is best?
  • … and many more.

If you want to contribute to this page with your own articles, just contact me under akku@utopia-blog.com … You can get a login for the wordpress-system to post articles and will get an email-forwarding of yourlogin@utopia-blog.com when you have posted for the first time.

I hope we will get a good collection of strategy-articles. Have fun!

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