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Posted by Akku on Jun-13-2008

Tim im Schlossgarten in OldenburgMy name is Tim Dellas, I’m 29 years old and come from Germany, Oldenburg. I work in the “Institut für Ökonomische Bildung” (which means institute for economic education) and just work on my diplome in computer sciences. I hope to be able to found a company after my studying time is over, as I’ve got plenty of profitable ideas but I’m still working on the know-how. I’m open-minded, have a happy relationship with my girlfriend Birgit who is a teacher here in Oldenburg. I’m interested in the internet in general and as optimistic free-time-philosopher I love to put all I know on the web so everyone can use what I needed to learn the hard way. My girlfriend gives me a lot of power and strength to finish my studying time and to help me to develop my personality.Biggi I love her and will marry her someday, when I got enough money to bring up a big marriage.

We’ve got two cats, Azrael and Poldi. Poldi is very shy and always comes begging for some human-food when I have breakfast. Azrael talks a lot and is aggressive from time to time just to be even more sweety and cuddelly the next moment.

I don’t see my friends very often as I have loads of work to do because of my former laziness. I want to send those of them who read this a greeting by writing this. I also learned to know some new friends, that I came to know through Biggi and am sending those a greeting too hereby.

PoldiI like to listen to emotional music of any kind - no matter if its popmusic (Tina Dico, Mia, one of my favourite songs is “Who will save your soul” by Jewel) and brutal death metal (Bloodbath, Kataklysm). Sometimes even punk. My favourite book is “Sex 2″ by Sybille Berg. I like playing ego-shooter-games with role-playing-elements (System Shock 2, Deus Ex, Bioshock), Nintendo Wii and boradgames. I also like pen-and-paper role-playing-games a lot, but sadly I get the feeling that noone in my age has time anymore for telling stories a full day a week.

In the internet I use online-banking (I’ll write an article about my bank DKB on my german blog www.expertdeal.de when I find the time) and actively use the german media-trading community Hitflip. I read a lot in the net, but seldomly find the time to commit myself to Web 2.0 sites. I play the browsergame Utopia, one of those online-games that you don’t have to spend too much time about (rest in pieces WOW-players, you life is officially over). This might be the reason you’re on this website, as I try to post my knowledge about the game in beginner-terms so I don’t have to post my advice in the game-forums again and again. Have fun!

  1. vlahul Said,

    man you rule.

    i must say that very few utopians impress me. like 2 guys since 2002 when i start playing.

    you are the 3rd.
    keep on the good work.

    i was searching or a website to host my blog about my utopian crowns. this age i run for a quadruple crown (yeah, never been done before) and i would like to hold a track with a daily journal.

    would prove usefull for our next age experience.

    keep on the good work!

    PS; nice cat, nice girlfriend, nice visions and wish you best of luck in RL

  2. Akku Said,

    Thanks! If you want a writer-login I can generate one for you for this blog. I don’t write all too often ;-)

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