End of War

Posted by Akku on May-25-2008


  • When a war ends, make sure your provinces know this. If there’s no official CF, change the kd message and write a mass message to stop attacking and opping the enemy, otherwise some might not get the point and go on hitting.
  • Put the kd stance on fortified. You should keep this for at least two or three full real days to make sure your kd members have sufficient defense out of war.
  • Set an acre range for your kd-members to reach before next war. Make sure all players know how big they have to become, and make sure the big players don’t continue to grow.
  • Tell the players whether they should make ready for another war or if you’re having some time to pump science and elites.


  • Put your science production online, even if its only minimal research.
  • Put your wage rates on 50%-100%.
  • Build your buildings first to have a higher income, after that train your army.
  • Put into place your peacetimes-building strat, which means many money-production buildings and buildings you’ll need for science pumping (if monarch announced a pumping phase) or for growth (if you need to grow a lot till you reach the acre range you should have for next war).
  • Make sure you’re ready early enough, so you don’t go to war unprepared.
  • When you’re out of war, use your mana and stealth to seek for plunder targets and rob-the-vaults-targets. If you find some, use them and tell your kd about them (well you should anyways load up your intel into utopiapimp).
  • Don’t provoke a war till your kd is ready to go.
  • If you’re ready, aid those who aren’t.

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