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Posted by Akku on May-22-2008


If you enter war, make sure you be active. If you aren’t too active in peace times, nobody really cares, but at war you need to be active. Understand the following hints for how to behave during war. This post is about how to maximize your economy, gives hints for your building strat and offers some hints for general behaviour during war.

First said, your kingdom-strategy is all-important. If your kd has a kd-strategy, follow it. You can’t win a war alone and your kd will loose its wars if you play selfish. We will have another article about kd-strategies later on.


Economy gets more and more important in every round of utopia. You can pay higher wages that raise your armies effectiveness, you need to rebuild troops and buildings and sometimes you can pay some mercs to bring you the last bit of offense needed. Therefore every player should try to be playing economically during war.

  • Stop science production. You have enough time out of war to produce science. In war you’ll need every gold coin, and if you don’t, your kd-mates need them.
  • Know if you’re going to have a long or a short war. If you’re going for a longer war, rebuild your buildings slow. If you’re going for a short war, always priorize rebuilding troops as this strenghtens you short-termed. Always try to use up your building credits and training credits - they are free and they should be used!
  • Use hospitals. Hospitals save you much more money and time than you would think. They’re clearly better than armouries or banks. But as there is DBE (decreasing building effectiveness - this means that few buildings are more effective than many compared to their size), I would always keep some few % of banks and armouries during war too.
  • If your kd has to handle a dragon-war, you’ll need a lot more of economic buildings as everyone in your kd. Throwing a dragon fast and killing it fast means you and all your 24 comrades don’t have to take 15% income minus and the main disadvantage like -8% offense and defense longer than necessary, and this often means the win in dragon-wars.

Building Strategy

The following hints are more about your building strategy at war. I’m assuming your kd goes for war wins.

  • Use enough barracks to be able to hit twice a day. Most of the time when players can’t manage to hit twice a day, they didn’t think about a time-sceme - this is planning when to hit during your real life day. Therefore try to lower your army-return-times to less than 12 hours, hit in the morning and hit in the evening. This is maybe the most important rule of all.
  • Training Grounds are the most effective war-building. Forts seem to have the same advantage with 1,5 * % defense raise, but this is not true as the offense bonus of the TGs also multiplies with your generals and your horses. But again, because of DBE I often use 1-2% forts too.
  • Don’t use watchtowers and guard stations. Only if your kingdom does this as kd-wide strategy, these are important, otherwise the ops/attacks that would hit you hit another guy in your kd and that gains your kd nothing and you have wasted space in your building strat.
  • Don’t use more than 10% guilds during war. 10% is enough to cast self-spells, and thats it. You should pump your wizards out of war.
  • Don’t use schools during war. Ever.


  • Stables aren’t much stronger than training grounds. You should remember that you can steal horses from an enemy with weak tpa anytime, and those horses will be there for your attack till the next hour change. This can give you a much nicer boost for your attack than mercs, for example.
  • You should always search for ways to use your stealth. This resouce is there for free.
  • If you have a strong tpa, you should always use your ops to damage the enemy. If you’re not a rouge, your most harmful op is incite riots. Put this on every enemy you can. Night strikes is the next no-brainer. Steal war horses is a good targeted op to weaken a strong attacker if his army’s home and rob the vault is always nice when a lot of money can be transferred from the enemy to your kingdom - especially in a dragon war.
  • If you don’t have a strong tpa, you should always use it to collect intel. At the beginning of a war, take infiltrates and post them into pimp. Take survey of provinces with extreme low tpa to make sure they don’t have watchtowers. During war, always take SoMs when you see someone’s army is out.
  • Also always use you mana well. You should have minor protection and inspire army on all time. If you get targeted a lot, use magic shield and natures blessing.
  • If you have a high wpa, you should always cast harmful spells on your enemies. Magic has a lot of valuable spells that are not meant for combined hits but that make the enemy have a hard time 24/7. If you’re mystic, this means holding up Meteor Showers all day on everyone. If not, make that greed. If you can cast pitfalls, put that on the active enemy attackers. Tonadoes is the strongest spell for T/M cooperative actions.
  • If you have a low wpa, get CBs in the beginning of the war and try assisting with small spells during war. Storms and droughts are easily cast even with small wpa and have a nice supporting effect for your T/Ms, as they don’t need to waste their mana on storms and can cast Meteors instead.
  • You should always check the enemy kingdom in pimp if someone has a food problem. Put droughts on that guy and try burning some farms. Military losses due to food problems can take out a province rapidly.
  • Don’t use fireballs. You know fireballs from books and movies, but in utopia its just not strong. Fireballs need too much effort to keep down only one province, and if that province is smart it uses magic shield, natures blessing and love and peace and maybe some homes and will not be damaged enough to even be taken out. Fireballs are only good if you have one single problem province and all others are not dangerous, but then you should have won the war anyways. So again: Don’t use fireballs! (And if you do, you’ll need many people helping and you need to combine them with storms or they’ll have no effect anyways)

If you have any more hint, please put them in the comments. Happing warring!

  1. Zim312 Said,

    w/ new changes stables do provide a little more offense than TG’s.. but only slightly more than they used to.. at 1000 acres 10% stables gives you about 7k more mod offense than an extra 10% TG’s for about 3k nw.

    fireballs.. average death from average (1 wpa) caster.. you’ll probably kill 800-1200 pessies per cast at first.. the benefit of this is 2 fold..
    2.25 gold per dead pessie lost in income.. in our 1 fireball we’ve lowered hourly income by 1800 - 2700 .. more fireballs = less income.. the goal isnt to try to pk the prov thru fireballs.. you’re disrupting the economy, plus the extra benefit is, less pessies = less pessies to draft.. that means military losses on attacks dont get replaced, and his army gets weaker..

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