I Quit Utopia

Posted by Akku on Mar-22-2010

Hey people … I just quit Utopia. That developers message about scripters and cheaters destroying Utopia was just the last drop.

I mean they told us, that their game would have a better interface and would be faster than the old stuff. But of course its a lot slower than the original one - they really thought PHP would make a difference, but after all its the programming skills that matter, not the language. And they completely did not understand the touch principle. Trying to update every province every hour and everytime something happens takes lot of server times. And if you look into your browser bar and see the request being accepted by the server and the server calculating for about 5 seconds, before the response is generated - think of bad programming.

Well. Inform me if the game gets upgraded some day. If someone want to blog here, write an email at akku(at-sign)utopia-blog.com … Farewell!

  1. FooFighter Said,

    You are completely right akku, i wish you the best.

    Shortly after you left we won our first war actually, iv grabbed in 3 more players and we are back at 21 players now with TGH Golden House coming back at the end of april.

    We are now in yet another war and slain our first dragon in 3 hours about, let’s hope we win another one :) alot of downtime last 2 days though, what you hate to hear hehe.

    Have fun with life, ill be around for your return.
    ps. if i say the game got upgraded! would you come back now? hehe.

    FooFighters Domain.
    Building Our Legacy. 3:26

  2. Akku Said,

    Hey there! In fact I might come back, but the developers made clear that they’re not willing to put more time into it. In fact I just begun working on a clone of Utopia (labeled “Utopire” for now) and will see if I can get it running with the proper programming skills that the devs don’t seem to have ;-)

  3. FooFighter Said,

    TGH Golden house has returned aswell akku, iv got a invite right here for you, so you can spy on the game and still make yours. Golden house found it sad about you leaving.

    I see you might come back, message me on msn or leave a message just here, ill check back here soon.

  4. foofighter Said,

    Oi Akku you still around? could you send me a mail to my msn or come online, would like to speak to you again :) let me hear something from you!

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