How to Ambush in Utopia?

Posted by Akku on Feb-25-2010

How to calc an ambush in brief:

Get an accurate SoM (use 100+ thieves). Use Angels military calculator. Set your own ME to 100% and the defending ME to 80%. Enter their soldiers one the targets soldiers. Look at their elite’s defensive value, multiply it with the number of elites the target has left home and add that to its soldiers. Set their elite number to 0. Look at their offspecs attack value, multiply that with the number of offspecs used in the attack and add that to their soldiers. Set their defspec number to 0. Set your generals to ONE. Oversend by at least 7%.

Example: You hit a human, who has 4-offspec and 6 defspec and a 8/3 elite. He used 500 offspecs, 100 soldiers and 5k elites in his attack. 5000*3 = 15000 + 100 + 500*4 = 17100. You put your generals to 1, your ME to 100%, their ME to 80% and enter 17100 soldiers and no defspecs and elites. If you’re oversending by at least 7%, you SHOULD be successful IF the SoM was correct. Therefore, better oversend a bit more OR have an exact SoM.

Note: People say that you can better calculate the stuff that was actually sent by taking two SoMs. I don’t believe this. Here’s the explanation from the Utopia-Wiki:

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