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Posted by Akku on Jan-5-2010

Jolt asked for game changes, this is what I think needs to be done:

(I also posted this to their forums, but its buried in a long thread of “make undeads better”-style posts of course, so I also post it here)

First said, the game mechanics are okay. No need to change this, this is nothing the people run away from. They always brag about this and that should be changed, but the most important factor is the bad interface.

1. Most of our kd left because of the bad usability of the website. That said, improve it. As I’m acually a software-developer implementing a lot of GUIs, I’ll stick you to some easily changeable points:

2. Make the “news” link show kd-news first.

3. Let the throne page show ALL news from the last time province news were checked. Most of the time I wouldn’t even recognize that I have been attacked if I wouldn’t check back with about 3 mouse clicks. If you need more mouse clicks than in the old game, people won’t stop running away from the game.

4. Put Wizards back in the mystics page; put the explore-stuff in the Grow-page; put the Aid-stuff on the players own Kd-page; put “Game Lobby” and “WoL”-links the the top nav bar and make bigger buttons for the rest of the links, so I have a distant chance to hit them on my mobile phone. Put the “Gift Credits”-stuff under “Preferences” make the “Rankings”-links single links on the “Preferences”, the “Throne” or the “Politics”-page. So your menu is filled with fewer thrashy links that are rarely clicked, which would help the interface and allow you to make these important links bigger.

5. Hide the “guild descriptions” (that is the text everone began to read one time, but no one ever has finished reading) and make them extendable with a “description”-button.

6. Put “Self Spells” and “Offensive Spells” in the same dropdownlist. Yes the old page was better, sorry. If you had lightning speed loading times or would use AJAX-refreshes only for the list, everything would be fine, but you’re not.

7. Make the forums show the LAST PAGE of a thread first. Clicking through each time for each thread makes me shiver.

8. Make provinces only update once a day or when they are touched (that means targeted by something) so you can stop updating them all every hours, what makes those horrible tick times. Those (and the overall speed of the page) are terrible and surely only got better as so many player just left the game from frustration.

If you manage to do all this, the game would actually have improved. Then I’d go on playing, otherwise I don’t know how much bad design I can endure.

  1. mehul Said,

    totally agree they are wrecking my game ..

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