What is Utopiapimp and how to use it?

Posted by Akku on Aug-11-2009

Utopiapimp is a website where you can share Utopia intel like CBs, SoMs, SoS and such with the rest of your Utopia kingdom. The intel is also sorted and put up in a good overview, so you always see which targets could be good for you, especially when you’re at war.

To use Utopiapimp, go to http://www.utopiapimp.com and press the “Register for Utopiapimp”-link in the upper left. You’ll need to pick a usename, a password and an E-Mail-Adress of yours. After logging in, you need a Pimpcode that you get from the forums of your kingdom or from your monarch. Pimp needs this code to know in which kingdom you are. When you login, be sure to pick the correct server (usually World of Legends if you got the link to this site from someone called Akku in the game).

After you have logged in, you’ll see a whole lot of a complicated site! Don’t be afraid - its all fine! The main menu looks like this:


Play around a bit with this menu. Ich you click on your self-kd and then general, you’ll see all the provinces of your kingdom and which intel they loaded up. Same with the other kds and the KD-less provs. If you want to attack a province, choose the Attack link because the data is then set up to show all the relevant data. Same with Thief … all data here is made up to show you the resources and the tpa / wpa and stuff.

If you want to enter data into pimp, you can just copy the page in your browser where the data is shown and paste the whole thing in the white form in pimp. Click on “Add this data” and you’ll see that it gets included in the datasets. You can enter CBs, SoS, SoMs, your science page, your military advisor, your throne page, the paper, kd-pages (careful: those then get set up as a kd in pimp, only enter kd-pages that you think are good war targets or that are already lined up in the menu), attacks you made, ops or spells you cast (then you should only copy the op or attack text, not the complete page) …. and more. Just use it and you’ll love it.

Remember: the data is always the latest version that was copied and not always correct anymore! If you want to attack a target, always get a fresh CB! If you want your Angel to automatically post all intel you get to pimp, use this guide.

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