Utopia Angel is a program you can download from http://www.utopiatemple.com/angel.php … If you really want to play Utopia, you’ll definitely need it as its superior to the online tools on Utopiatemple. You’ll see the system requirements on that page: you’ll need Windows and just execute the .exe-file. Grant it all accesses it needs for connecting to the internet, its not a harmful program.

What do I need it for? First: it will save you A LOT OF TIME! So read this small explanation and you’ll be happy ever after. After you installed it, Angel will monitor you clipboard - that is where the stuff you copy on Windows goes. After installing it, go to your Utopia-throne-page, click in the frame where your CB data is, so its focused by the browser. Use “Ctrl+A” to mark the whole page and then “Ctrl+C” to copy the marked page to the clipboard. Angel pops up a window with calculated stuff about your province, like defense per acre (dpa) and such. When doing it the first time, Angel also asks on which server you play … this will be WoL usually if you got this link from me (I’m always called Sir Akku in the game). You can do this “Ctrl+A Ctrl+C” on a whole lotta other pages too.

But the best thing is when you first use this on your throne page, then use it on a CB you took from someone you want to attack. A Military Calculator pops up, where you can see all your numbers and those of your enemy, and where you can exactly see if you would win or loose an attack. No more hoping when you hit the attack-button! Try to always send so many troops, that you’re oversending 7%, then your attacks should be safe. Angel also shows a successful atack if you only oversend 4%, but I found out that this not always does it.

If the military calculator is open and you also copy a SoM (Spy on Military) of the enemy province, his armies that are out are also exacly calculated into the calculator. Angel only has problems sometimes when different generals did different attacks, in that case sometimes you need to adjust values yourself (if you see Angel didn’t change anything after copying the SoM, you can just enter the numbers yourself).

Just try it. Here you can see how Angel needs to be configured to update utopiapimp

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