The new (short) age: which TM race?

Posted by Akku on Aug-4-2009

Today I was asked what you should play as TM next age. The player wanted to pick the rogue personality, and the race decision is between Elf and Dark Elf.

Its all about performance again. The Dark Elf is the better performing race as TM, because of its defensive Elites that give him a better defense in the long run. He also doesn’t need any runes, which is a VERY BIG advantage. During the startup time he can concentrate on building up WPA and later on he can cast as many MS as he wants. +30% Spells Strength means that the effect of his spells is 30% bigger or the duration is 30% longer. Important spells the elf doesn’t have: Invisibility (nice bonus for the rogue) and Fools Gold (often important before war to kill big amounts of money).

The Elf has a slightly better economy, as he doesn’t have the exploration-drawback and he has lesser losses. But as TM you shouldn’t be hit anyways and the DE can easily paraside his way up as soon as his Guilds are ready. The good side on the Elf is that he has +30% magic effectiveness, which means this is a WPA bonus. Important spells the DE doesn’t have: Fountain of Knowledge (nice when scipumping), Pitfalls (important to put on war targets or extremely attacing enemies).

So after all the DE is much better for a TM at the moment and I’d clearly advise a 2 DE : 1 EL ratio. This means you should have more DEs than Elves, but at least one Elf would be nice for casting those Pitfalls.

Startup strategy: Then as DE/rogue I’d say you just begin with slowbuilding guilds, as many as you can afford - if nessecary kill those homes. Take the 20 hour bonus. When the guilds are ready, cast love and peace, builders boon, then paradise like hell and (slow)build the new acres with something to get up your defense and thieves up, like armouries and / or banks. 20 hours before out-of-protection (OOP), cast inspire army and build at least 300 thieves and a ot of defense. In the next hours log in as much as possible to build even more defspecs, so you’re well-defended when you come OOP. When you come OOP, cast invisibility and find a good money target you can steal a lot of gold from. Then you shouldn’t have a problem reaching your final build strat while growing through paradise.

(If I have missed anything, please leave a comment)

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