How to do a fail-save attack?

Posted by Akku on Jun-26-2009

This just came up in our forums. I have a fail-safe methode of calculating an attack, it (of course) involves the use of utopiatemples Utopia Angel - so make sure you have the latest version installed.

Step one: make sure you’ve got accurate data. Select All + Copy your kd-page to let Angel know your exact data. Get a fresh CB from your target (fresh means: remeber the hour change!). Select the page and copy - Angel now knows the exact data from your target. Then, get a SoM of your target. Make sure the army is still out when you attack. If you use a SoM from Pimp or from forums, that data most likely won’t fit exactly to your fresh CB and Angel won’t include it correctly - in that case you can assume, that the SoM gives you the correct percentages of the troops out. So calculate how many % of elites are out (using a calculator), then you can calculate how many elites are out with your fresh CB.

Step two: How much will you send? Your own data and the data of your target is correctly calculated. Angel shows you how big the chance of success on an attack is, so try out numbers. If you send more than 4%, Angel says you’ll be successful, but I often experienced a fail when I sent under 7% more. There is some random number involved, but oversending 7% gave me no unexpected failed attacks, so I recommend that number.

Step Three: What else can get in the way? If someone attacked your target in between, his defense may be higher now due to GB-protection (yes, that did happen to me multiple times!). If an hour-change occurred, your target might have trained troops, so check your SoM for that. Then take a look on the targets kd-page: if its online, its possible that you took a CB and he casted minor protection after that … but there’s not much you can do in that case. Then your target might have got soldiers sent, but that didn’t happen to me so far. Last thing that often comes between you and a good attack: typing of numbers often got wrong … remeber to check every value (including generals) double.

Step Two Again: What if you have incorrect data? If you have incorrect data, maybe because you need to use an older CB in Pimp, you can never be sure. Only one thing can help you: get fresh intel or just oversend a lot. You don’t loose too many troops on your attack if you send too much, and every attack you get because you sent out too many elites will not hit one of your fellow kd-mates.

Just to make that clear: If you calc in from an old attack done, remeber that the target does not only loose troops from an atack but also raises on the GB-protection-meter. Each level of that raises his defense and gives you lower gains. Therefore, when calcing from an old attack in the forums, I always add some more %s as you can never know. And nothing is more wasted than a missed attack :-)

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