How to Calculate Ambush with Angel

Posted by Akku on Mar-12-2009
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There are clear rules for making an ambush:


Can be conducted against a province that has recently captured land from you. Strike an opponent’s army away from home and recaptures 50% of the land stolen from you. Because of its surprise nature, no offensive or defensive modifiers are considered - only raw military strength - and the defense will fight at 80% of its normal capacity. Specialists in the opposing army will defend with their normal offensive strength. A province attacking anonymously or using War Spoils cannot be ambushed, and an army can only be ambushed once.

If you want to use Angel, you can modify the values in the military calculator by hand to have a correct calculation of the attack force needed to make a successful ambush. You should get a CB and a pretty accurate SoM (using like 50 thieves), so you know exactly, how much offense you have against you. First Copy your Throne-page, then copy the target CB for Angel to get the numbers. Then, look at the SoM to figure out, how strong the enemy offense was.

Put in the enemy offspecs from the attack in the defspec-number of the defending party in the military calculator. Then adjust the elite value, so it has the number of elites used on the attack against you. Then you need to adjust the offensive and defensive military efficiency. Delete the number on your side and put in 100.00, then delete the number on the enemy side and put in 80.00.

Now you’re ready to go to calculate how much troops to send to make a sucessful ambush. If you’re making multiple ambushes, the first aims at the last attack of your enemy, the second on the attack before that and so on. Remeber that warriors give half the gains and that orcs are generally very easy to ambush since they have a very low defensive value for their elite.

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