Planned changes for next age

Posted by Akku on Nov-5-2008


* Raise book production by 0.1 per hour for all levels below Intensive
* Lower costs across the board, mainly at lower levels
* Raise science modifiers for underused categories: Food, Military and Channeling


Nice changes here. Everything fine.


* No mana penalty
* 6/3 elite at 5.25 NW and 800 gc

* 30% Magic Effectiveness (from DE)
* 50% wage discount (new)
* 6/5 elite at 5.5 NW and 750 gc
* Fog spell

* No stealth penalty
* -30% thievery effectiveness
* 7/4 elite at 6.75 NW and 1000 gc

* +40% science cost (from +25%)
* Normal wages (from -50%)
* 8/2 elite at 6.75 NW and 800 gc

* +35% thievery effectiveness (from +50%)
* 5/4 elite at 4.5 NW and 250 gc

Dark Elf
* +30% Spell Strength (from Elves)
* 5/6 elite at 6.5 NW and 850 gc


Catastophic changes all the way. PLEASE look at the “the world”-entry in the utopia-menu to see which races are good and which are not. I had the feeling the races were pretty balanced the last two ages. Dwarf needs an upgrade. BUT GIVING elves fog will let you have 80% elves next age. Elf is strong anyways, he needs no super-boost. Just help those dwarves a bit, perhaps humans or orcs too and change the elites to be more offensive - thats enough change.


* Armouries changed to give x2 draft discount (from 1.5)
* Towers changed to produce 12 runes (from 10)

* Homes improve birth rates by x4 (from x3)


Everything nice. Good changes. (More runes helps elves too, btw.)


* Sage gets 0.5 books per acre per hour and -50% science losses

* Warrior - 15% Attack time

* War Hero gets +25% enemy casualties

Review: Why boosting sage even more? He’s the strongest in raw power anyways. Weakening Warrior and boosting War Hero is fine.

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