Next age Strategy

Posted by Akku on Nov-3-2008

I’ll strictly go elf/sage full attacker next age. I’m tired of making ops. I’m tired of high tpa and wpa. I still like having 40dpa with army out at beginning of war and having the rest in my offense. If I can double tap, I get enough lands to take one or two hits while getting +honor, if I can’t, I’ll have enough elites at home and won’t be hit, giving me +honor again.

Reflect Magic helps a lot to make enemies not hit you with meteors and stuff, clear sight makes thieves not hit you too much, so I won’t need more than 0.5 wpa and 1 tpa. Will not loose many troops during war and get a lot of specialist credits to save the lands I get.

I won’t need more than 7% towers and 7% guilds. I can’t use dungeons and don’t need watchtowers or forts. Need 8% farms and 15% banks.

Leaves 62% for stables, homes, TGs and barracks. Make that 15% stables at max, 15% homes (<==good for attackers at start of war!), 8% barracks and impressive 24% TGs. And a whole lotta attack force.

Interested in the changes the new company will give us. I think they’ll ruin the game and make it soon only have very strong and very weak kds, as all strong players trade into a good kd. After about 2 or 3 ages, bad players won’t have fun in loosing all the time and not being trained by anyone - and will leave. Only strong players hardens the competition, but I’m fine with that.

  1. Akku Said,

    Well of course, but that lies in the fact that activity is always dangerous. If you have people in your kd who get up in the middle of the night to make their attack … here you go. The attacktime you speak of sounds a bit too positive for me, but if you get it, you can even attack 3 times a day, once before sleeping, once after sleeping and one time in the middle of the day. That would be utterly devastating, especially as you don’t loose many troops using elf.

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