Provoking War

Posted by Akku on Oct-23-2008

While you will want to destroy enemy provinces at war or just gain more than them, this is not the case while you are still hostile. In hostilities, the main goal of your kingdom is to draw the selected war target into war. Two cases have to be looked at: 1. The usual weaker war-target; 2. the more powerful war-target.

1. As you should have learned in this post how to get war targets you can beat, you should try to draw these into war. War will arise, when the other kingdom hits you more than you hit them (this won’t happen much of the time as you should have targeted a weaker kingdom) or if it they think that you’re weaker than them. Therefore, you shouldn’t deal too much damage, even if they hit you for acres, and shouldn’t use offensive ops and spells other than intel-gathering.

Hitting with plunders or learns is the best idea here, as you gain from those attacks even if the kd doesn’t want to war you anymore. While the enemy hits you with traditional marches, he thinks to have the upper hand on you at war and your provinces get pumped additionally. Lower acres means your army strength for your networth rises … and this will even help you to gain more honor as soon as war has started. Learns will pump your science and make your targets science weaker - not as harmful as a trad march, but also not without effect! Taking away money from plundered enemies can give you the edge in a possible dragon war.

Don’t use anonymity! You want you enemies to hit back, and most races have offensive elites today (that defend while not attacking) so those who don’t hit are not drawing in any attacks from the enemy.

The number of attacks from you kingdom should clearly state that you want war, but should also show themthat you have “activity issues” and that your kd clearly cannot make waves. The lesser PRO you look, the more possible is them thinking they will win this. If you’ve reached war, learn how to behave in this post.

2. The more powerful war target is possibly one that chose you as target. In this case, just do the opposite as above, try to deal as much damage as you can even before war. You can see examples how to do that in this post.

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