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Posted by Akku on Aug-20-2008

In Utopia, you can find an anonymous poll about what to improve in Utopia. These are my ideas:

Science specialization

Let every player pick one or two favourite sciences at the beginning of an age. This would make players to gain more science on this or these science fields than what they really spend on it, and makes them get less science on other fields.

Mass messenging

Mass messenging for more than one province is necessary. Therefore you could make a list with checkboxes of the targeted kingdom and send the entered message to all checked provinces. Count the number of mass messages and prevent players from spamming.

Speed up the game: Linking kd-numbers

Most people play this game because it dowsn’t take up your whole time like other games where you need to be constantly online (WOW for example). Speeding up the gaming experience would therefore be beneficial. Some firefox plugins make some good improvments, that can be built in the basic game. Linking kd-numbers like metatron does is one very good help when you use tabbed browsing. Remembering who you target with an op or spell and remembering what you do as op/spell is another enhancement, that would speed up playing experience.

Integrate pimp into Utopia

Well, that would need cooperation and maybe some money for the pimp developers, but it would be superb so have the intel and ops in pimp without further activity of the player.

More Player Roles

The monarch could give special roles to provinces (not himself) that boost some of their attributes or give them special abilities like the page has… Sample roles:

The specialist could be the super-thief, the elder could be supermage (possibly even giving them a special super-op or being able to cast selfspells on other kd members while making them unable to attack), the dragonslayer could have a little bonus when killing dragons, the submonarch could be automatically king when the monarch klicks vacation mode, the Scientist could aid science points with 50% vanishing on the way to other players, The Banker would have 70% immunity against plunders and rob the vaults; and so on. It would give the game a new social point as players would need to earn these roles by good playing, which would perhaps make them to play more actively.

Easier mass-ops and spells

As with the mass messenging, it should be possible to cast a spell or make an op on more than one province at once (by having a list of the provinces in the target kingdom with checkboxes instead of a pulldownmenu) where the checked ones are targeted) and just get the results in a list on the result page.

Make a mobile-version of the interface

As iPhone-user, i would like to have a less-is-more-version of the game for mobile browsers. A bigger menu and a smaller content-area would help a great deal.

  1. Hibernus Mortis Said,

    I really like your idea for “More player roles”. As you would give players a better incentive to play more activley and add more communication between players.
    Your science idea is pretty good also

  2. Hunson Said,

    I liked that idea too.
    I would’ve been a banker, and save up for a dragon, but then again the other kingdom would have a dragon slayer.

    but yeah, it would make it much more a “kingdom”

  3. hmmm Said,

    u are definitely a munk user.
    u should think to make the game without any scripting and ban munk site forever, somehow…

  4. Akku Said,

    What is a munk user? If you mean multis: I have one account and think multiple account users suck big time - ran into a kd once that was 80% controlled by one player. Those people have no life.

    I also think scripting should be prohibited - sadly, this might be hard to accomplish. Perhaps they should let it run in a flash environment.

  5. Shaun Said,

    I very much agree with the added province roles in a kingdom. If Swirve were to make any new changes or upgrades, i believe many of the ideas here should be considered and implemented. Perhaps not the PIMP idea, because then it would create a whole new interface, and most likely would not work with cellphone users.

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