Backstab Strat

Posted by Akku on Nov-10-2008

So what is that backstab strat? Its called this way as a guy called backstab posted this strat the first time in some utopia forums. Its about not building all buildings you want for your growth phase right on, but first building some mills, so your other buildings and the exploration won’t take away so much money and you have more left when it comes to training your troops. This is a typical backstab strat based starting strategy, no matter which race or personality you are:

- Set your draftrate on 55%. Set your science research on minimum. You should use your first points of sciences to the fields alchemy and tools, later housing too. DON’T TRAIN TROOPS! (important!)

- Slowbuild 20% - 25% mills. The more you want to explore, the more mills you should get. If you slow- or speedbuild after your mills are there is not very important, as the cost is pretty low, but those 6 hours won’t get you more money in than the double building cost costs you still. So: just do as you feel.

- When those are ready, build your startup-strat. This might include enough farms to have enough food with your aimed explored size; and a whole lotta banks. Some few guilds and towers won’t harm too, but its mainly banks this time.

- After building, explore.

- When explored land comes in, build on it as fast as you can. You’ll need arms before training your army, so build some. Be sure all arms you build are ready when you’re beginning to train your troops (24-19 hours before oop).

- About 24-19 hours before you come out of protection, you begin to train troops. From then on, you might want to add some stables if you plan to attack anytime soon, or you might want to get some guilds online to train some more wizzies. You could raise your science investment now.

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