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I have to add that I have very low time due to my studies (visit the iThoughts link in the links to see how far I am). Therefore I won’t be blogging here too much for the next month or two. I hope to have new strategy for you in the beginning of the coming age.


Posted by Akku on Jun-13-2008

Dual-Monarchy: What is that?

In Utopia, you always have one monarch voted at maximum. This monarch is able to edit the kd’s forums, set relations, press war buttons, set the kd-login-message, send dragons and so on. Additionally, he’s the main diplomat of the kd. Other kingdoms will write to the monarch when wanting war or asking for something else. Players in the kingdom trust the monarch to do the best for the kd and count on the monarch if buttons have to be pressed, players have to be informed or war targets have to be picked. Usually, this means that the most experienced individual in a kingdom needs to be monarch.

Monarchy is a pretty time-consuming job. To help him, the monarch can have one person be page to clean up the forums and grant priviledges in utopiapimp to sub-monarchs, who are able to set some more info there. Then he can ask people in his kd to lead a certain group of players or to take over several tasks, but these won’t be able to press the warbutton or the CF button, when the monarch is not online. But after all, there is an additional possibility, that most kingdoms are not aware of: Dual- or Double-Monarchy.

Dual-Monarchy means that you have two players as monarchs, who trust each other and who are both trusted upon by the members of the kingdom and both have the possibility to press monarch-buttons and so on.

How is that possible?

The monarch of a kingdom is determined by approximately half the number of votes (in fact it are at least one less). If the votes of the players get split up by half on the two monarchs, the submonarch puts his vote on the primary monarch and the monarch puts his vote on the submonarch. The one is primary monarch now and the other has enough votes to make himself monarch by switching his vote on himself. That’s just it. To make it clear, I’ll give an example.

Example of a Dual Monarchy

Example Kindom (23:42) has 25 players with 1 vote each. 12 votes are needed to have monarch. PrimaryMonarch (23:42) want to be the official leader and SecondaryMonarch (23:42) want to be submonarch to assist the main monarch.

13 players put their votes to PrimaryMonarch (23:42), including the submonarch. 12 players put their votes to SecondaryMonarch (23:42), including the vote of PrimaryMonarch (23:42). Now the primary monarch is king.

Say Example Kingdom (23:42) gets waved by another kd and (23:42) just got out of another war. The primary monarch is not online. If the submonarch switches his one vote to himself, he’ll have 13 and the primary monarch will have 12 votes, so the submonarch is able to press buttons and stuff. After proposing the CF, he switches his vote back to PrimaryMonarch (23:42) to make him monarch again. Problem solved.

Problems that may occur

  • Some players don’t understand what a dual-monarchy is for. I hope this problem gets adressed with this post.
  • Other kingdoms might be confused. Therefore in every establishing of diplomatic contact, the dual-monarchy should be shorty explained to the other side. Lines like these could be added to diplomatic messages: “Please note that SecondaryMonarch (23:42) is my submonarch. He is also diplomatically able to speak for our kingdom. If you have important messages, please send them to him too.”
  • Monarchs should always know what their task is and keep to that, otherwise there might arise conflicts.
  • Some players do not vote or put their votes on someone else or themselves. Those always need to recieve messages who they need to put their vote on. If they’re not changing, you should think about having them in your team anyways.
  • Sometimes when players claim higher honor levels, the votes may get wrong. In such cases, a message to a trusted player to change votes should solve the problem. If its urgent for the main monarch to get back control, he can swich his vote back to himself and act as monarch (for that reason the monarchs should always vote for each other, as fallback-plan when something goes wrong). Then he should nevertheless ask someone else to change votes so he can change back to the submonarch.

I hope you liked this article. I tried this system very often and it really helps. The organization is not too tedious and the effect is a better reaction time for the whole kingdom. Have fun!

Right-Click Angel Menue


Step 1: Download Utopia Angel from Install it. If angel requests connection to the internet and you have a firewall installed, allow angel full access. Its not spyware and its not harmfull, it just display a small commercial window while its in use.

Step 2: Register on Get a code from your monarch and join your kingdom account.

Forum AgentStep 3: Right-click on the tray-icon of utopia angel and click on forum agent. A window will pop up.

Step 4: Press the settings-button. Another window will pop up.

Step 5: Press on the New-button. A small form window will pop up. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields as in the picture below. Note that you’ll need to put in the name and password you have on in the username and user password fields and that the forum password can stay empty. After filling in the form, press OK.

Forum Form

Step 6: Look at the Settings-picture below. You should now have an Utopiapimp-entry in the forum name list. Set the checkboxes above the list to automatically send the queue every 5 minutes and to automatically include intel to the forum agent queue. Note that you should uncheck the ‘exclude intel from my own kingdom’-checkbox to let pimp update your own intel in pimp.

Step 7: Just copy-paste your throne page or any other intel. If you open the forum agent again, the intel should be in the list. If you press the send intel now button it will be sent to utopiapimp automatically. Login to your utopiapimp account with the browser of your choice to see if the intel was loaded up.


If you have any problems you might want to look at the utopiapimp tutorial page.

Hafe fun.


End of War

Posted by Akku on May-25-2008


  • When a war ends, make sure your provinces know this. If there’s no official CF, change the kd message and write a mass message to stop attacking and opping the enemy, otherwise some might not get the point and go on hitting.
  • Put the kd stance on fortified. You should keep this for at least two or three full real days to make sure your kd members have sufficient defense out of war.
  • Set an acre range for your kd-members to reach before next war. Make sure all players know how big they have to become, and make sure the big players don’t continue to grow.
  • Tell the players whether they should make ready for another war or if you’re having some time to pump science and elites.


  • Put your science production online, even if its only minimal research.
  • Put your wage rates on 50%-100%.
  • Build your buildings first to have a higher income, after that train your army.
  • Put into place your peacetimes-building strat, which means many money-production buildings and buildings you’ll need for science pumping (if monarch announced a pumping phase) or for growth (if you need to grow a lot till you reach the acre range you should have for next war).
  • Make sure you’re ready early enough, so you don’t go to war unprepared.
  • When you’re out of war, use your mana and stealth to seek for plunder targets and rob-the-vaults-targets. If you find some, use them and tell your kd about them (well you should anyways load up your intel into utopiapimp).
  • Don’t provoke a war till your kd is ready to go.
  • If you’re ready, aid those who aren’t.